Regional Intelligence Fusion Centre (RIFC)

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This CARICOM IMPACS sub-agency is based in Trinidad and Tobago and provides support to Member States in intelligence gathering, sharing and analysis. It is staffed mainly by attachments from individual Member States, who are seconded to RIFC for an initial period of two years.

Contributors to the CARICOM IMPACS-RIFC include:
  • Members and Associate Member States of CARICOM
  • International partners
  • Regional and international organisations and agencies

The RIFC Objectives

Core Functions

  • To collect information that reveals the plans, intentions and capabilities of threat entities and provide the basis for decision and action.
  • To produce timely analyses that provide insight, warning and opportunity to the decision makers charged with protecting and advancing the Region’s interests.
  • To provide standardised training and major event support to Member States.
  • To establish regional and international liaisons in support of the Intelligence Mandate.


  • Prevention of Criminal and Terrorist Activities.
  • Detection and Containment of Persons of Interest.
  • Profiling of Persons of Interest Entering the Caribbean Region.
  • Tracking of Persons of Interest Traversing the Caribbean Region.

RIFC Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide intelligence support to regional and international stakeholders in furtherance of the security imperatives mandated by CARICOM.

Our Vision

A Centre unmatched in its core capabilities, recognised as an authoritative and effective intelligence support mechanism, functioning as a single point of contact, fully integrated into the global intelligence community for the promotion of safety and security in the Caribbean Region.

Contact Us

19 Keate Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago