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Mrs. Esme Ward began her service with the JRCC  as the Receptionist in January 2007 for CWC 2007.  Mrs. Ward can be considered as a very reliable individual and has been and continues to be the first face seen when entering the JRCC after some 11 years.  She promptly arrives at work by 07:30 each day and diligently begins her work schedule; this has become such a norm for all other members of staff of the JRCC that her absence is immediately noticed upon their arrival to the JRCC. 


Mrs. Ward was officially contracted as of June 1, 2008. From then to present, her performance continues to be stellar and her pleasant demeanor endears her to staff and visitors alike.  Esme as she prefers to be called, prepares the daily flight and maritime vessel schedules which is used by the Operations department to produce their compliance reports as well as to ensure that APIs are received from all incoming/outgoing flights within the Region as identified on her schedules. She does this very meticulously and when her relief colleagues make errors in the preparation of these schedules, she quickly and easily recognizes and points it out so that the error is sure not to be made again. 


Esme has maintained a more than amicable relationship with the Executive, Management, Staff and Partners of the Agency. She is considered as a mother figure despite her youthful appearance and all respect is afforded to her by all.  We sincerely wish Mrs. Ward a happy 60th birthday and wish continued blessings and good health for many more to come.

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