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11th EDF

Capacity Development Of CARIFORUM Member States On Financial Compliance, Asset Recovery And Cybercrime Project, Funded Through The European Union's 11th Development Fund (EDF)

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Project Overview

CARICOM IMPACS commenced execution of the 11th EDF project entitled: ‘Capacity Building for CARIFORUM Member States on Asset Recovery and Cybercrime’ in January 2019. The project has a lifecycle of 48 months. The overall objective of the project Capacity Development of CARIFORUM Member States on Financial Compliance, Asset Recovery and Cybercrime, is to contribute to the improvement and sustainability of safety and security in the CARIFORUM region. The project is subdivided into two (2) areas, Asset Recovery and Cybercrime.

CARICOM 11th EDF meeting
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Asset Recovery

The Asset Recovery component is aimed at improving prosecution, confiscation and seizure of the proceeds of crime to dismantle criminal networks in the CARIFORUM region. There are four (4) main outputs to be achieved under this component:


Established Protocol for the sharing of assets and for seizure, storage, quantification of the amount of assets to be shared as well as sharing of expenses to allow for collaboration.


Improved capacity of CARIFORUM Member States to seize and recover assets through the development of Asset Recovery Units and delivery of training to investigators, auditors, analysts, attorneys, and law enforcement personnel.


Enhanced capacity of judicial officers to prosecute and deliver judgement on criminal cases involving financial crimes in CARIFORUM Member States.


Strengthened national and regional coordination and cooperation on asset recovery activities through the ARIN-CARIB network.

Cyber Crime

The Cybercrime Component Of This Project Is Focused On Enhancing Detection And Investigation Of Cybercrimes In CARIFORUM Member States, In Compliance With International Standards. There Are Five (5) Intended Outputs Of This Component:


Increased compliance of national legislations and policies with international standards on cybercrime (as prescribed in the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime).


Increased due-process compliance capacities of criminal justice authorities (police, judiciary) to investigate prosecute and adjudicate cases of cybercrime and electronic evidence and engage in effective inter-agency, public-private and international cooperation.


Increased awareness and capacities amongst decision makers, parliamentarians, relevant national authorities including public service ICT professionals on cybercrime and cybersecurity policies.


Strengthened regional coordination of cybercrime/cybersecurity activities through IMPACS as the main coordinating agency for the implementation of the CCSCAP, including capacity building for CARICOM IMPACS and its sub agencies.


Improved capacities of the Regional Intelligence Fusion Centre (RIFC) and National Intelligence Points of Contacts in Member States, for information gathering and strategic analysis.

Meetings, Presentations And Training

And Training Under each component of the project, several meetings and trainings will be hosted.

  • ARIN CARIB Steering Committee Meeting and Annual General Meeting held in Jamaica – September 18-20, 2019. Linkhere
  • Asset Recovery Forum and Strategy Workshop (Virtual Training via the CBSI-Connect Virtual Learning Platform) – July 20-21, 2020 and August 3-4, 2020.
  • The objective of the workshop was to enhance the ability of participating Member States to address their overall compliance with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) forty (40) Recommendations, eleven (11) Immediate Outcome and international standards relating to the investigation, prosecution and recovery of the proceeds of acquisitive crime.
  • Asset Recovery in Practice Workshop (Virtual Training via the CBSI-Connect Virtual Learning Platform) – October 12-16, 2020.
  • This workshop is a practical exercise where multi-disciplinary teams from each Member State are required to progress an investigation from the initial receipt of intelligence, gathering evidence, managing property, obtaining a confiscation/forfeiture order, and realising the property.

Consultancies And Major Procurement

The project consists of two (2) main Consultancies which have been completed:

Ongoing Consultancies

  • Supply and Install of Digital Forensic Management Platform Hardware and Software
  • Supply of Asset Recovery Hardware and Software for participating Member States
  • Design and Delivery of Training on Cybercrime of Law Enforcement and Judicial Professionals in CARIFORUM Member States

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CARICOM 11th EDF meeting